Quotes from those that knew Her….

In the 80’s I went to Summer Christian Camp in the Poconos a good 2+ hours from Willingboro where we lived.  I got really homesick and needed to come home a few days early (i know what a mess). I have a fond memory of Aunt Dot being sent to come get me.  No judgement just a pleasant face and a lovely drive home from Camp Streamside with my Aunt Dot.

Niece – Kinda

She was my best friend in Springside School. I remember we sat next to her on a school trip. Her mom, your Grandmom packed her the best lunch and she shared it with me. She was a sweet girl.

Middle School Friend – Bonnie

Something special I remember about my aunt Diane is how when I needed a place to stay it didn’t matter what her husband said I had a place to stay and that meant so much to me, because if my grandmother her mother, was alive at the time she knows she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Niece – Charlene

I love, love, my Aunt Diane your mother. She is my favorite aunt, always so encouraging, very strong. I loved her display of strength and determination, dedicated to the will of God in her life and always wanted to see the best for others.

Niece – Gina

Mary Diana

A mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible

Who Is Mary Diana?

Full Of Life…

What I remember about my sister Diane, my sister was the youngest of four children, she being the only girl she was daddy’s little girl. My oldest brother Johnnie lived with my grandparents so I was left most of the time when my mother wasn’t home to oversee Diane and my brother Leroy. Diane was always a generous person. She was sickly but never did she give up and never let any grass grow under her feet. She did more in her short life on this earth than most people did in a long life.
Brother Eugene

Diane, My dear and loving friend was full of life and fun! We used to laugh and travel together and enjoy our friendship immensely. We were so close we could be sitting across the room from each other and know exactly what the other was thinking.

Diane loved her family with all of her heart. She was a dedicated Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, and niece.

On the weekends we would attend church together and then go to her Mom’s house to see what was cooking in the pots. Her mom Bessie was an awesome cook.

Diane was a diligent and faithful worker in church and loved the Lord with all her heart.

Gone too soon but her footprints will live on in our lives forever.

Love and miss you my dear Sister,

Lovingly Barbara Gary

 $500 Scholarship awarded to the following 2023 applicants:

  1. Two Burlington City High School, Burlington, NJ graduates (Diana graduated Class of ’67)


2.  Two Willingboro High School, Willingboro, NJ graduates, (Darcel graduated Class of ’88)


3.  Two Bowie State University, Bowie, MD entering freshman (Darcel graduated Class of ’94)

4.  Any HS Graduating Senior, Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia 

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Tenacious Spirit…

My Aunt Dot had a smile that warmed many hearts!
A few of my fondest memories are playing some of the best games she taught me; like spoons and bull stuff🙊 and of course the day she took me to get my driver’s license. Aunt Dot was the epitome of fun, a fighter and no nonsense. I love and miss her dearly! Her tenacious spirit lives on through her daughter, Darcel (Gustarhymes) Collins!

Keisha Stroud Keels

Darcel, I graduated with your Mom! The last time I saw her was at our class’s 20th reunion. I remember she got up on the stage with the DJ and sang a song. I remember her from school as being smart, funny, and cleverly sarcastic. She made me laugh.

HS Classmate – Laura Bacon Sherr

Your mom was awesome!!

Church Friend – Denise Harrell

She was very small, very intelligent, very smart.

Classmate – Doris Turner

I was only 7 when Aunt Dot passed, but the memories of her, and being around that smile & personality will last a lifetime.  I remember her witty sense of humor, and how my mom and Aunt Barbara would always refer to her as the life of the party.  It takes a special type of personality to be able to light up any room you enter, and have the ability to shift the energy levels of people no matter what type of mood they are in.  This was Aunt Dot, and while we hurt deeply that she is no longer with us, these same characteristics have been passed down to her amazing daughter Darcel Collins.


One Love, Jonathan "Uncle" Stroud

My Twin

I’m a strong woman because a strong woman raised me

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$500 Scholarships awarded to

  1. 2 Burlington City High School, Burlington, NJ graduates (Diana graduated Class of ’67)
  2. 2 Willingboro High School, Willingboro, NJ graduates, (Darcel graduated Class of ’88)
  3. 2 Bowie State University, Bowie, MD entering freshman (Darcel graduated Class of ’94)
  4. 2 Graduating Seniors from the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia area

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